Plastic coated, powder coated or stainless steel pipes can be cut as your desired dimensions.

These tubes are connected to each other with metal brackets and accessories, which provide quick installation. These products can be dissassembled easily and can be used many times.
The following options can be reduced to individual decisions:
Assembly lines
FIFO systems
Shelves / racks
Assembly and packaging machines
Boards and safety signs

Conveyors …
Most plants need a 5 mm embusen key. In order to achieve the desired results, you do not need special tools or technical skills.
Places adapters, conveyors, belt holders, caps, adjustable legs, custom applications in support of broader products: KAIZEN (continuous development) ideal operations for lean manufacturing principles.
Adding permanent and cost-effective development, multilateral concept helps to manipulate.
Pipes are installed in warehouses with special bleaching and standard methods, transport operations, offices, laboratories, i.e. almost anywhere creates informative for fast creativity and innovation.

In your dreams you’ll get the following:
More ergonomics
More production
Fast delivery
Reduce costs.

Choose your method ….
We can design, send and install suitable solutions for you.
We can design and make preliminary installation. Subsequent installation can be done by your team.
We can design – and you can do with your existing installation of warehouse.
We can send you the products and you can make design and installation.
For a demonstration please contact us to find out how easy it is to create your own profitable decisions.
Creativity, flexibility and high quality for our distinctive features of the European market.
For us the wishes of the customers are very important to develop our own system, easier, and faster bound with our competitors. Themselves can ensure high quality, timely and accurate delivery after order, service our service, meetings of our sales, most of our staff and the quality of our products.
We not only firm provider, and at the same time, our goal is to help you and be from beginning to end with You in the search for new products that You need. Our team will support projects from “a” to “I” – this can be absolutely sure!
Our technical suggestions are open for You at any time and place. Where and when you need it by phone or on site.
Because your success means that we are able …